Every day, we service and maintain every aspect of every installation. We only use quality products which are tough in the elements, and will last for years to come.

Whether you are interested in a sculpture garden, classic gazebo, poolside shade solution, arbor, gate, or walkway, Strong Landscaping is your answer.
In addition to providing food, water, and cover, give pets a safe haven from harmful pesticides and chemicals, and other dangers. Whether you have a balcony, yard, corporate or public property, place of worship, or park or recreational area, Strong Landscaping will turn it into a habitat for people and pets to enjoy and thrive in.

Seating Areas
Driveway & Walkway
Outdoor Furnishing
Masonry & Wood
Pathways, Poolside
Moss & Ivy Walls
Patio Deck or Porch
Arbors and Trellise
Pergolas & Gazebos
Gates & Iron
Wood Fencing
Stone or Brick Path
Stone & Rock Drive

Strong Landscaping installs and maintain sprinkler, mosquito control and drainage systems for homes, apartments, homeowner associations, and businesses. Efficiency is everything. We specialize in custom designs for outdoor lighting. We can highlight a bed, favorite focal area, work area, entry ways, poolside, decks, dark areas and seating areas. We also instell permanent or temporary party lighting for a special occasion.
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