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Installing Turfs

Work & Services


Strong Landscaping services both residential and commercial clients. Our designs focus on creating unique spaces that bring your personal style to the outdoors. We believe an exceptional design is a combination of functionality and practicality. 
Regardless of the size or scope of the project, our design process is a collaborative effort between us and our clients. Through a series of work sessions and discussions, we work together to create a vision that is true to the architectural features of the property and your lifestyle.

Design features can include:

•    Landscape
•    Irrigation and drainage
•    Hardscaping
•    Water features
•    Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
•    Custom kid play structures
•    Custom Ironwork
•    Fencing
•    Pools
•    Greenhouses
•    Outdoor storage solutions
•    Building color consultation and painting


Design & Install


Strong Landscaping provides turn-key installation services. We are responsible for all aspects of the installation. 

Drainage – The most important aspect of improving your land is improving its drainage. All drainage systems are designed and engineered to remove excess water from the property. Proper grading along with subsurface drainage and an attractive surface solution is necessary for water drainage in landscaped areas. Insufficient drainage could result in extensive water pooling around building causing major damage to your foundation. 

Irrigation - Irrigation systems are installed or modified to meet the specific requirements of the design. A functioning irrigation system is key to sustainable maintenance of your landscape. 

Construction – All materials are chosen for their enduring quality. Our skilled in-house tradesman builds each aspect of the plan with attention to detail and focus on building high quality features that will endure the outdoor elements. 

Landscaping – Proper soil preparation is key to the longevity of your plants and grass. Soils and organic soil amendments are blended to meet the requirements of the plant materials selected. All plant materials are hand selected by our team to ensure that only the highest quality are materials are used. 

Final Touches – To ensure that your space is perfect use we provide design services to furnish and accessories your outdoor space with unique accessories to complement the finished design.

Seasonal Maintenace

Garden Maintenance

Strong Landscaping provides periodic garden maintenance to help our clients maintain their outdoor space.  Each outdoor area is a work of art that is influenced by nature but can be managed with regular garden maintenance. We develop a tailor our plan to keep your outdoor space looking great. Each plan is designed to meet your landscape's unique requirements. 

Garden Maintenance plans can include services such as:

•    Weeding, trimming and debris removal
•    Mulching
•    Seasonal flower installation
•    Vegetable and Herb Garden planting
•    Plant replacement
•    Tree trimming or removal
•    Fertilization and disease prevention and remediation
•    Irrigation inspection and repair
•    Landscape lighting inspection and repair
•    Hardscaping maintenance
•    Water feature maintenance
•    Outdoor kitchen maintenance
•    And more. 


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